Kurt was born to fish.  But he’s been obliged to work as a
professional photographer, film maker and voice over artist for
over 35 years so that he could afford to buy reels, poles and
worms.  In between fishing trips, he’s been bitten by a lion in New
York, had his foot mauled by a moray eel off Saipan, survived a
typhoon on a homemade raft off Guam and been stalked by a tiger
in the deep jungles of Malaysia.  He was wounded three times
while photographing and filming the Viet Nam War for UPI and
NBC News.  And he’s spent over 2000 hours in helicopters, filming
for international oil companies in Asia, usually at less than 500 feet
over water and 300 foot virgin jungle.  All the time looking down
and thinking “Bet there’re some big ones lurking in that river or on
that reef”.  

Working out of Singapore for more than 30 years, his current base
is Colombo, Sri Lanka.  H
is numerous fishing trips just happen to
coincide with his location  photography and film production
assignments in Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri
Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Australia
and New Zealand.  
While in Singapore, Kurt also found time to
record over 10,000 voice overs for HBO, ESPN, CNBC, Disney,
Sony, Discovery, National Geographic etc. and has hosted and
appeared on numerous TV panel shows as an expert on
photography, the art of the film, environmental issues, jungle
survival and of course, fishing.  He has also hosted an
international radio talk show out of Hollywood.

Married for many years to the beautiful and charming Mei
sadly and suddenly passed away last year from cancer)
, he was
amazed that she preferred her role of company accountant over
that of principal fish cleaner.  Their vivacious daughter Jacquie Mei
spent her early years baiting hooks until at the age of 14 she
discovered that modeling and boys were preferable to yucky
worms.  But fortunately their strapping son Raoul was waiting in
the wings and from a very young age was taught how to raise
grubs, tie fishing knots and distinguish the difference between
ikan jenahak (snapper) and ikan siakap (giant sea perch).  

Gourmet Fisherman Song - Opening Lyrics

(Talking blues, sung by the Capt'n hisself, done just a little bit Country, a
little bit Rock and Roll and under the opening
live and animated credits.)

Once below a time or two, when I was very small,
my Pa made me a fishing pole twice as long as I was tall.
He taught me how to bait a hook and how to tie a fly
and get out the herbs and spices when the fish began to fry.   (Chorus)

We’ll cook ‘em where we catch ‘em and catch ‘em where we can,
and show ya’ll how we do it on the Gourmet Fisherman.

We’ll stir fry up some chilly crab in a wok in Singapore.
Slice tuna up near Tokyo, chase lobster off Koror.
We’ll smoke salmon up in Scotland, cook some bisque in New Orleans,
Fight swordfish off Tahiti, wade some cold New Zealand streams.   

Ya, we’ll cook 'em where we catch 'em and catch 'em where we can,
and show ya'll how we do it on the Gourmet Fisherman.

We’re gonna roustabout some far-off shores, and pause along the way,
to catch ‘em and  then cook ‘em -- from Missisip to Mandalay.
So grab your hooks, lines and sinkers, and put on that old chef’s hat,
Cuzz we’re off again around the world
where we’ll be catching this and that.

And cooking up a storm or two, so come on join the clan…
…as we cook ‘em where we catch ‘em and catch ‘em where we can
and tell a fishy tale or two on the Gourmet Fisherman…
(shouted)  CAST OFF!
Ending Lyrics...
(Done with the same little bit of Country,
little bit of Rock and Roll as was the title song
and sung under the closing
live and animated credits)

Hope you've enjoyed the fishing
and the gourmet cooking too,
but now it's time to say good bye,
auf Wiedersehen and adieu.

But don't ya fret, 'cause we'll be back
with fishing pole and frying pan
to tell more tasty fishy tales
on the Gourmet Fisherman.
Cast off!

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