The crafty crustacean, Clyde, saw
the bait in the pot but said, "pshaw!"
He miscalculated the risk,
he's now lobster bisque.
For the recipe please click on Clyde's claw!
Brad the sea bass loved to play,
tag with fishnets every day...
'till the day one wrenched his wrasse
as he ogled Bessie bass.
Brad's now coupled with sauce tartare,
and Bessie's in cream sauce with caviar.
Sly Swordfish and Fanny Flounder went out on a date
with Manny the Monkfish and Sally White Skate.
How the evening did fly, 'till the drift net came by.
For mixed seafood au gratin, won't you please try...
clicking on Manny or Fanny or Sly!
A strapping young sturgeon named Terry
was told by his mum to be wary!
Her advice he ignored
so they hauled him aboard.
He now marinates in tarragon and sherry!  
We love you Izaac Walton,             you have made our Angling Compleat!
A geoduck clam named Kent,
had a foot so long that it bent.
In his underwater tunnel...
He would bend it over double.
So that each time he came, he went!

Please click on Kent
to find out where he went!
For if it's curry you're craving
it's time well spent.
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