Once you’ve caught ‘em, how many ways are there to cook ‘em?
With a rod and reel in one hand and a cookbook clutched in the other, we
are producing a television series that will meld millions of fishing fanatics
and Wolfgang Puck wannabes into a new breed of “Gourmet Fishermen”!

Expert” fishing combined with “gourmet” cooking around
the world will be the main focus of the series.  Kurt Rolfes, a seasoned
media professional, TV personality, sports fishermen and amateur
gourmet cook, will interact with guest experts in both fields each week.   

The show’s reality concept of “fishing” & “cooking” will remain
flexible enough to permit coverage of other closely related areas and
interesting associations.  Kurt  will keep the viewers amused with his
generational banter on the philosophy of traditional techniques versus
modern fishing technology to “bring home the bass”.  

Concern for the earth’s natural resources, the preservation of
endangered fish species and conservation of the marine environment will
be important elements of the show.  

In each episode Kurt will also examine and elicit views from
international expert’s on a number of diverse subjects such as hatcheries
management, aquaculture, fish population control programs, ocean
pollution and global warming.  

And it’s about thyme someone asked the famous chef’s of the world
when one should put the Au in Gratin, Ebi in Shioyaki and Cher in Chervil!

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